Agave Is Life  unveils  the 10,000 year-old story of mankind's symbiotic relationship with the agave plant. Once a critical resource for survival among hunter and gatherers living in the arid regions of  the American Southwest and Mexico, we learn how agave later became embedded in myth, religion, art, and culture. For these indigenous peoples, it was truly a gift from the gods.

While contemporary consumers may only recognize it as the source of tequila, they will soon discover that for millennia this hardy desert succulent  provided all life's necessities:  food, drink, textiles, fuel, shelter, and medicines.  Yet, as the film demonstrates, agave faces an uncertain future. Ancient folkways, from fiber craftsmanship to traditional alcoholic pulque and mescal production,  are rapidly disappearing today. While entrepreneurs and scientists work to turn the tide, the loss of diversity of both cultivated and wild agave species may be the ultimate arbitrator.

Agave Is Life  is visually enriched by stunning aerial footage, ancient festivals, and mystical rock art. It has been accepted in the 2014 Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico  Film Festival in Italy. Narrated by Edward James Olmos, with original music by Alcvin Ryzen Ramos, it promises to enlighten, delight, and surprise.