ArcheoProductions, Inc. develops and produces anthropology-related educational and entertainment projects in a variety of media.

Our films and publications focus on ritual foods and plants of the Americas. Through the lens of archaeology, we reveal how they intersect art, culture, and civilization over several thousands years. We investigate the ancient peoples of Central American, Mexico, Yucatan, and the American Southwest to tell our stories. And we discover how their descendants continue to intergrate these foods into present-day ceremonies and economies. Issues of ecology and sustainability underscore our explorations.

Chocolate Pathway to the Gods, our first documentary in 2005, has been well received in national & international Filmfests. It has appeared on TV stations throughout the world.

Chocolate Pathway to the Gods, our book from 2008, is a cohesive examination of chocolate as a sacred food from Preclassic to contemporary times in Mesoamerica.

Agave is Life, our latest documentary in 2014, unveils the 10,000 year-old story of mankind's symbiotic relationship with the agave plant. The film has been shown in national and internationl film festivals receiving numerous awards.