Agave is Life

Produced by | Meredith L. Dreiss, ArcheoProductions, Inc.

Directed by | David O. Brown and Meredith L. Dreiss

Narrated by | Edward James Olmos

Co-Producers | Sharon Edgar Greenhill and David O. Brown

Associate Producers | Fourth Density, David Hollander and Jennifer Lane

Director of Photography | Layton Blaylock

Locations Directors of Photography in Mexico | Alex Levi and Rafael Ballesteros

Aerial Camera | Adriel Heisey

Macro Camera | Joe Cashiola

Audio | Linden Hudson, Thomas Vogt and Ross Cashiola

Production Assistant | Eric Bieri

Film Crew | Dana Anthony,  Albert Largo and George O. Jackson

Editors | Jennifer Lane and David Hollander

Writers | Meredith L. Dreiss, David O. Brown, Sharon Edgar Greenhill and Jennifer Lane

Research | Sharon Edgar Greenhill, Dana Anthony, Meredith L. Dreiss and David O. Brown

Sound Mixer | Mike Klinger, Tree Falls Post, Los Angeles

Color Correction | Shane Ross

Online Edit | Ben Le Vine

Title and VFX Graphics | Pixeldust Studios, Baltimore

Design and Graphics | Sharon Edgar Greenhill

Music Director | David O. Brown

Original music | Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos

Additional music | Luis Ixoneztli Pérez and Lila Downs